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It is relatively easy to move wooden-framed buildings and this cottage is an example of a building that began its life on one site but ended up on another.

Category: Dwellings
Date: 1907
Street Address: 54a Rue Jolie
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? No

In 1907, three identical cottages were built on Rue Lavaud for Robert Bayley. Bayley’s wife was Caroline Waeckerle (see Waeckerle’s Cottage and Grand Hotel) and the land had been owned by Caroline’s family since 1842.

In 1920-21, just before the Bayleys sold the land, one of the cottages was sold for removal to Joseph Giddens. In 1921 the cottage was jacked up onto rollers and moved laboriously round into Rue Jolie.

It is a plain, serviceable, weatherboard building with a high stud and a gable end. The front door is in the centre of the building. It has been a dwelling for its entire life on Rue Jolie and appears to have been less altered than its two former neighbours which are still standing on Rue Lavaud (see 45 & 47 Rue Lavaud).


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