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Three identical cottages were built on Rue Lavaud in 1907. The two that remain are now commercial premises.

Category: Commercial Buildings
Date: 1907
Street Address: 45 Rue Lavaud
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? Yes

The Waeckerle family was given the deed to this land on Rue Lavaud by the Nanto-Bordelaise Company in 1842. Christian Jacob and Marie Waeckerle lived in a cottage on this land until they established the Grand Hotel (see Waeckerle’s Cottage and Grand Hotel) on another site in 1860.

In 1907 their son-in-law Robert Bayley, who had married the Waeckerle’s only daughter, Caroline, and taken over the Grand Hotel, had what were described as cottages built on the original Waeckerle land. They were possibly intended to be used as commercial premises from the start, as they were built hard against the street, with central front doors opening onto the footpath. They were simple gable-ended buildings with a relatively high stud and windows flanking their doors. (see also Mcrosties, 47 Rue Lavaud).

Though both the buildings have been altered through many years of commercial use, they remain of historic interest for the Waeckerle and Bayley connection. The third building of the trio was shifted to Rue Jolie in 1921 (see 54a Rue Jolie).


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