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This house is of similar age to its neighbours but, as the home of a widow, is a smaller, humbler building.

Category: Dwellings
Date: 1877
Street Address: 117 Rue Jolie
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? Yes

Like its three neighbours to the north (see Rose Cottage, La Belle Villa and the Watkins’ house) this dwelling was built on land leased from Dr Watkins, who owned a large area of land in this part of Akaroa. 

In December 1876, Watkins leased the section on which this cottage stands to Esther Munns, a widow. The cottage was built in 1877. It is a small, simple dwelling of one storey, without significant embellishment. The design may have been taken directly from a catalogue of house designs, but it has the double verandah posts which are found on several early Akaroa cottages.

The cottage is less altered than its three immediate neighbours on Rue Jolie. Esther Munns died in 1882, but the house is still described as hers. Later owners or occupiers included William Watkins, one of Dr Watkins’ sons, and members of the Narbey family, which has a long history on the Peninsula.






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