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One of the most notable of Akaroa’s larger houses, Oinako was designed in the 1890s by a leading Christchurch architect.

Category: Dwellings
Date: 1896
Street Address: 99 Beach Road
HPT registered? Yes
District Plan Listed? Yes

Wagstaffs Hotel, which formerly stood on the site of this house, burned down. The land and the remains of the house were eventually purchased by Etienne Le Lievre, the prosperous son of an early French settler. In 1895, Etienne had the fashionable Christchurch architect J.C. Maddison design a large house for himself and his children (his first wife, Louisa Rodrigues, had died in 1894).

The house was completed in 1896, the year Etienne married his second wife, Elisabeth Vangioni. The house was a notable late Victorian residence in which elements of the Arts and Crafts and Queen Anne styles were combined. Surviving parts of the earlier building were incorporated in the new house.

After Etienne Le Lievre died in 1943, the house passed through the hands of several owners and became a rather rundown boarding house. In 1985 it was refurbished as White Rose Lodge. It reverted in 1992 to the name Etienne Le Lievre had given it. Oinako was the name of Maori chief slain many years before in the area.






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