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This cottage has an unusual appearance which is explained by it origins as a shed from which an undertaker ran his business.

Category: Dwellings
Date: 1890-1900
Street Address: 112 Rue Jolie
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? Yes

This cottage has an unusual history. In 1893 the section on which it stands was bought from William Watkins by Bonnette Walker, the wife of J.J. Walker, a builder. The Walkers were already living next door to the section (see 114 Rue Jolie).

Walker erected a shed on the land owned by his wife from which he ran his undertaking business. He used the shed for making coffins and storing his horse-drawn hearse. (Builders commonly, in this period, also worked as undertakers.) After World War II, parts of the old shed were dragged forward on the property and converted into a dwelling.

The fact that it is a converted shed explains why the cottage cannot be fitted, by its style, into the story of the development of Akaroa’s domestic architecture.






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