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Loved for its odd appearance, this small building saw an interesting change of use, years ago, from church to offices.

Category: Commercial Buildings
Date: 1859-60
Street Address: 63 Rue Lavaud
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? No

This small, weatherboard building acquired its quirky street façade – with two doors crammed between two flanking windows – when it underwent a change of use in 1885.

The building began its life in 1860 as Akaroa’s first Presbyterian church. By 1885, the simple church was too small for its growing congregation. It was sold and moved a short distance down the street so a new church could be built on its site (see Presbyterian Church). It was then put to several different commercial uses, including a solicitor’s office. It acquired its pair of doors when it was divided into two separate offices.

It is now part of a backpackers called Bon Accord. Bon Accord, the building’s name when it was a church, is the motto of the Scottish town of Aberdeen. The name reflects the building’s Presbyterian origins.


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