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This classic square villa of the early 20th century is larger than most of Akaroa’s earlier cottages.

Category: Dwellings
Date: About 1910
Street Address: 116 Rue Jolie
HPT registered? No
District Plan Listed? Yes

This land was once part of the Watkins Estate. The villa on it was probably built about 1910-12 when a number of individual purchasers bought building sections from the Estate. George Haylock, a son of George and Theresa Haylock, bought the property in 1910. (Theresa Haylock was a daughter of Daniel Watkins.)

The younger George Haylock leased the property to his younger brother in 1912 and it is likely, judging also by its style, that the house was built between these two early transactions. It had a succession of owners, and was for a time a boarding house, before it was sympathetically converted in 2002 (like its neighbour – see 114 Rue Jolie) to a shop. In 2015 the building again changed hands, and has now been returned to a private residence.

Square villas of this design were built in large numbers throughout New Zealand in the early years of the 20th century. With its hipped roof, prominent chimney, bracketed eaves and verandah along its full frontage, this is a fine example of a house of this style. It makes an interesting comparison with its older neighbour, 114 Rue Jolie, which is also a square villa, but has a different appearance. The chimney was lost in the 2011 earthquake.


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